What's Going On Now web site

In 1971, Marvin Gaye captured and commented on the spiritual and cultural chaos of the nation on the recording What’s Going On.
Today, the Kennedy Center has developed a program to explore Marvin Gaye’s music, the social issues that influenced his art, and reveal how those issues may seem as pertinent and influential to young artists today. Using his music as a catalyst, the project is meant to give young people the knowledge and tools to Think, Create, and Connect with their own form of expression– and ask the question, “What’s Going On Now?”

Creative Strategist: Steven Kostant
Creative Director / UX / Art Director: Peter Quinn
ACD and Senior Art Director: Allen Hopper
Art Direction: Will Bates, Matthew Wicke
Photo Editor: Bryan Whitson
Project Management: Allegra Poggio
Media Outreach and Social Strategy: Rosanna Maietta, Rachelle Lacroix