About Supermade

Breaking through a crowded marketplace and building brand equity requires creative intelligence– strategic planning, brand positioning, and insightful campaigns that are executed in beautiful ways. These are more than nice-to-haves for any organization wanting to move the needle and get out in front.



Personality and purpose are not made up. They’re inherent qualities that are usually built from the inside out. And this is where we come in. We’re pretty great at working with our clients to surface these qualities in ways that best represents your organization. And we do it in a way that allows you to speak in a powerful and consistent voice that drives the organization from a foundational point-of-view internally, and helps define how that’s translated to your audiences externally.



It’s not just the story you tell, but how you tell it. Because how much your audience relates to your message directly influences how much they feel compelled to act on it.  There are no formulas for great creative. But there are ways to streamline the creative process together, that add up. But the trick is, you need a creative team who understands how to translate a messaging strategy into inspiring work.



When you’ve been in the business for a while, you come to realize that it’s way better to use our knowledge and expertise for clients doing good for the world. We sell purpose. We have come to one central test when it comes to our clients– WE DON”T WORK FOR ASSHOLES. We’d much rather help companies with the objective of helping to improve people’s lives–organizations trying to improve the world in any shape of form. Why work for the bad guys when you can champion something great, right?

We do creative strategy. brand workshops. narrative development. public service campaigns. behavior change. straight-up marketing. event design. social content. interactive. video. to get you out in front. What don’t we do?


Meet our team

A collective of super talent

Peter Quinn
Creative Director /  Strategist


Cannes Awards nominated creative director who helps organizations build authentic communication and engagement strategies that shift beliefs and attitudes, and ultimately inspire people to act.

Brian Klam
Creative Director / Copywriter


Mercury award-winning creative director helping organizations find their voice for integrated marketing campaigns with some serious chops in radio.

Todd Evans
Director / Editor / Production


Talented film and video production specialist for docs, broadcast, campaign videos, and feature films.

Brett Gerstein
Digital Marketer / Buyer


Helps organizations boost their online impact and acquire supporters with proven methods in social media and paid advertising.

Frank Hamilton
Assoc. Creative Director


15 years building brands and campaigns as art director, photographer, and ACD in publishing, photography, and ad agencies.

Nicol Regan
Graphic Design / Manager


Nicol is the glue in the studio that keeps projects on-brand, on-track, on-schedule, and sees them to completion.

Rachel Dwiggins
Director / Editor


Rachel is a top-notch editor with serious chops. She hails from National Geographic, where she translated broadcast to digital media.

Jenny Lawhorn
Public Relations /  Strategy


From her famed work at NPR, award-winning writer and comms specialist amplifies the story and reach of organizations with a social service mission.

Jeff Weintraub
Sr. Comms Consultant


Support public policy advocacy, burnishes the public profiles of organizations and leaders, and earns high-profile national and international coverage.

Christoph Green
Director / Editor


Drives powerful ideas and narratives through the craft of great film making and storytelling.

Together, we are a collective of talented individuals uniquely assembled to optimize efficiencies and maximize creative impact. We are bound together by our ambitions to do great work and make the world a better place.

Have a super day.