How do you slow the birth rate of inner city teens? Make it about female empowerment, put a beat behind it, and create a common thread.

Pink spot excerpt 60 from Peter Quinn on Vimeo.

The Making Of The Pink Campaign – A Lesson Plan

The Making of the Pink Campaign from Peter Quinn on Vimeo.

Campaign for Our Children was a non-profit client that was formed with the mission to help curtail the rising teenage unplanned pregnancy rate in lower economic communities across the country. Jason Bottenus and I worked on CFOC’s brand messaging, materials, architected and produced a new website, and won some awards including a webby. The next project would be to redefine their voice and point-of-view in their broadcast materials and they were looking for a way to talk to inner city girls.

While their messaging was well produced, it is difficult to reach some audiences if your artillery is only about abstinence and waiting for your white wedding– completely unrealistic. We decided to take a different approach and shift the message to be more about a proactive and empowering position that would talk to their audience in a way they can relate. Jason Bottenus (Senior Art Director) and I worked with hip hop producer Labtekwon to produce a music video styled PSA. We joined up with Protagonist for the filming production. We designed the messaging using real music, words, and real girls talking about abstinence as to how it relates to female empowerment. As an extra bonus, we got the performers to talk about their real-life experiences with peer pressure on video and created a highly visible and talked about classroom discussion throughout